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Victory Lubricants Product Range

Victory Lubricants was established in Australia in 1898 and has traded under this name continously ever since. Santo purchased the Victory Lubricants organisation in late 2007 and incorporated the name and product range into the Santo Australia range of products.

Archangel Tar grade 270445
A pure pine tar with applications in the veterinary industry, as a anti-fouling paints, processing aid in the rubber industry, ingredient in waterproofing particulary in or around sea water, as a base ingredient in tar soaps and shampoos and in the tree surgery industry.
Available in 200Kg.

Bituminous Pitch grade 85/30
Available in 45Kg.

Victory Lubricants

Castor Oil, first pressed
Used in the manufacture of lubricants, plastics, insulating compounds and with applications as a drying oil in the paint industry and as a mould release agent.
Available in (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt, 200Lt.

Caustic Soda
Prilled form of sodium hydroxide.
Available in 500gr, 1Kg, (Ctn 4x4Kg), 20Kg.

Dishglow Lemon
A popular specially forumlated hand dishwashing liquid, lemon scented.
Available in (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt.

Disinfectant / Lemon / Pine
Available in (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt.

Industrial Handsoap, Pumice Based, Happy Hands
Available in (Ctn 4x4Kg), 18Kg.

Neatsfoot Oil Pure
Available in (Ctn 30x500ml), (Ctn 12x1Lt), (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt, 200Lt.

Neatsfoot Oil Compound
Available in (Ctn 30x500ml), (Ctn 12x1Lt), (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt, 200Lt.

Phenyle 10%
Available in (Ctn 4x5Lt), 20Lt.

Santo Timber Preserver
Available in (Ctn 12x1Lt), (Ctn 4x4Lt), 20Lt, 200Lt.

Stainless Oil / White Oil
Available in 5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt.

Stockholm Tar Compound
Available in (Ctn 18x500ml), (Ctn 12x1Lt), (Ctn 6x2Lt), (Ctn 4x4Lt), 20Lt.

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