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Industrial Cleaning Products in Brisbane

Clean all your large machinery with ease 

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When you use large machinery to conduct every-day business, you need industrial cleansers that will quickly and effectively clean each mechanical component. Santo Australia Cleaning Products has all the cleaners you need to keep your machines spotless and running smooth. 

Parts Cleaners

Alka Soak

A heavy-duty alkaline soak cleaner that is used to remove oils, paint and grease from ferrous metal tanks. 

It is available in 5Kg, 15Kg and 20Kg. 

Spray Wash

A detergent powder that is designed for the spray wash cleaning of aluminium and alloy components. 

It is available in 5Kg and 20Kg. 

Spray Kleen

A spray wash powder that is used for spray washing the ferrous metals of mechanical components. It is not suitable for aluminium and alloys. 

It is available in 5Kg and 15Kg. 

Parts Solve

A parts washer solvent that is specially designed to remove grease and grime. 

It is available in 20Lt. 

Clean Your Machines

Your machines will run smoothly and stay cleaner with our industrial cleaning products. Call Santo Australia Cleaning Products to place an order today. 

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