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Our Company

For nearly 30 years, Santo Australia Cleaning Products has been a top manufacturer and supplier of cleaning chemicals. We specialise in manufacturing products for use in kitchens, laundries, washrooms, toilets, automotive/engineering workshops and industrial applications. 

Our Mission

We want to exceed all your expectations for a cleaning chemical supplier. To do this, we strive to manufacture the highest-quality cleaners, detergents and sanitizers that get any room sparkling clean. 

Our cleaners are specially formulated to exact market standards to bring you an excellent product. Each bottle has an easy-to-read label so that you are informed on exactly how to use the chemical, proper dilution ratios and the full safety instructions.

The History

Santo Australia Cleaning Products is a subsidiary of Hallmark International Pty Ltd. We are fully owned and operated by Michael and Robyn Shepherd. We are proud to have served Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and the rest of the Southeast Queensland regions since 1987. 

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You can clean anything with our broad range of chemical cleaners.

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